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By Stephanie Elms

Is it possible to be sexy without sacrificing all decency and
modesty? Of course it is. In fact, sexy is a state of mind. You
have to feel sexy before you can look sexy. It’s not about
societal expectations that we often fall prey to…but rather it’s
about the inside out phenomena.

Have you ever thought to yourself when you see a pretty woman
that if only I looked like her I would have it all? She is so
beautiful that everything seems to fall into place for her and
her life is essentially picture perfect. Think again…her life is
probably airbrushed and no different than yours. And if it is
any different, it’s only because she believes she IS sexy and
basks in the confidence such self-assurance brings.

As women, we are the only ones that have the power to truly
make ourselves feel sexy. Men will unfortunately fail us,
friends and family are way too honest, and society is dying to
tear you down so they can feel better. Don’t worry, there is
good news. The solution is simple. All it takes is a change in
attitude and sexy will be synonymous with your name. In fact,
Eleanor Roosevelt once said no one can make you feel inferior
without your consent. Actually grasping this concept alone will
be your most valuable asset on your journey to sexiness…remember
it is a journey not a destination. Here are a few tips on how to
look and feel your sexiest.

Playboy Buccaneer Beauty

• Be confident and self-assured
• Make time for yourself
• Affirm yourself as the beauty you are
• Stay healthy and eat well
• Wear clothing made of feel good, soft fabrics
• Accessories with sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and
• Go for a completely different look such as something exotic
• Wear every day pieces in a new way
• Change your make up or nail polish (a little red lipstick
goes a long way)
• Remember your dress size has nothing to do with sexy—-EVER
• Get an eyebrow wax and have your hair done
• Wear something that accentuates your confidence and makes you
look and feel sexy
• Fall in love

When I speak of the inside out phenomena, I simply mean that
once you take care of the inside, suddenly outward sexiness will
follow. True sexiness requires the wholeness of the person.
Aimee Mullins once commented that confidence is the sexiest
thing a woman can have. It’s much sexier than any body part.
Once the self esteem and positive thinking fall into line you
will notice an outward conversion as well. Clothing choices will
mimic the inward sexiness you feel. What we wear says a lot
about who we are. Maybe you will don a little lingerie that was
once taboo for you. Lingerie, unlike shoes, dresses, and
handbags is not worn as outwardly for the world to see. So you
may ask…why bother when I can buy plain garments that serve the
same purpose. Only you can answer that question. What we wear is
often a direct reflection of who we are and how we feel about
ourselves. Don’t kid yourself…you are beautiful on the inside
and out. So even if no one ever sees it, wear it with enjoyment
knowing you are a magnificently sexy woman!

At you will discover how to look
like a gorgeous lingerie model…and therefore very sexy You’ll
learn secrets every lingerie model knows to accentuate her
assets and hide her imperfections…no matter her dress size.

About the Author: Stephanie is the owner of La Bella Amour
Lingerie, the premier on-line boutique catering to all your
fashionable lingerie and spa product needs. You can visit the
boutique at

Playboy Wicked Fairy Costume

Playboy Wicked Fairy Costume